Vanish Your Fear And Ride A Best Bike

Don’t get afraid by riding a bike

There are a few skills that a man should have and most of them are covered.  Here’s one more: ride a motorcycle.  If you can’t ride a bike, you are forever going to be part of fear. Looking cool is a benefit not to be discounted, but the better reason is that riding will make you a better man by forcing you to confront and overcome fear, learn and use new skills, and to ignore social disapproval.  All of those are central to and necessary for a successful life. Overcoming normal fears is essential if you want to get anywhere, at anything, in this life.  Put fear aside and do what you came for.

Vanish your fear

Riding a San Jose BMW motorcycle is frightening.  That’s a fact.  Any rider that tells you otherwise is lying to you, to themselves, or both.  Sailing along with nothing much between your soft self and the road at speed had damn well better scare you. Learning to understand a skill set, master it, and employ those skills under stress is another key to success at anything.  Instincts are what your brain automatically does, skills are learned responses to situations.  Skills are what make us the smart monkeys we are; without the skills learned, refined, and passed from man to man, we are capable of nothing.

Be skilled before riding

Riding a motorcycle is a skill. A very technical learned skill that includes mental and physical components.  Learning to read the road surface and camber, the topography of the land, the clues to usable hazards are all high level mental process that have to become automatic.  The physical act of moving around on the bike requires strength and balance.  Learning to make yourself look where you want to go and not focus on a road hazard, to push yourself down toward the road rushing past to get the thing around a corner, to brake progressively in an emergency, not just grab in a panic—those are mental and physical skills.

Purchase a best bike for you

Knowing who you are, and what you want, and standing up for it in the face of disapproval, is yet another key skill. You can also read the reviews for more convenience and for better choice. Another thing is always believe on personal experience.