Why Choose WordPress for Web Designing

Here is a major reason why you should strongly consider WordPress for web designing in Houston brought to you by IOM Partners of Houston providing services for website designing and SEO in Houston.

WordPress is a unique mix of simplicity and complexity. Meaning, there is great depth in this software and the possibilities are endless but at the same time it is extremely easy to use. The software is so simple to use that a person who has never used or even seen it before in his life can learn how to operate the basics in less than a week. WordPress has changed the world of website designing in the recent years. Earlier a company had to spend thousands of dollars and hire someone to create and design their website for them. WordPress on the other hand has made the process so simple that every business owner small or big can make a website for himself and be happy at the functionality the website offers.


While hiring someone to make a WordPress website will cost you money (though significantly less than what web designers and code writers take to build a website from scratch), the software itself is free to use. Thus everyone who has a hosting service and a domain name can come up with a website sitting in the comfort of their house and spending less than a week behind it. This free to use system has made WordPress extremely popular because of which there are various forums including an official forum by WordPress where people support each other by resolving problems that they themselves might have come across or have knowledge about. Do not underestimate the power of these forums because I have found that the community is quite helpful and answers back if it indeed has knowledge of your situations. Therefore simple bugs and errors can be resolved for free by simple posting them on forums. However responses do not come as soon as you post them. Most of the times you might have to wait anywhere between a day or a week for someone to have a look at your issue. For more information available at web design houston website.

The real reason why WordPress has so much depth are its plugins. The simple concept is that anyone can code plugins that will go along with WordPress websites and upload them for others to download. Some plugins are free to use and others need to paid for. However the cost is usually quite low. If you require a plugin for your website that needs to be paid for, go ahead and support the developers so that they continue to make more plugins. Here is a simple example of what a plugin can do – a plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast scans your post for specific keywords that you want and then tells you various changes that you make to search engine optimize your post. Simple things like whether you need to increase your keyword density, do you need to position keywords in a specific part of your article that you forgot, is your post too big or too small and so on. Plugins can also do automated work like sending a welcome mail to anyone who subscribes to your website.