The Basics of Illuminatural 6i

With recent innovations in skin lightening technology come Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightening Product. This latest product brought to you by Skinception, a world-renowned company which manufactures quality skincare products. It is proven to not only reduce but also make the dark spots caused by skin aging or damaged skin, but also makes these spots fade. It will be as if those darks spots you were embarrassed of were never there in the first place.

Whiter and younger looking skin in 28 days

Illuminatural 6i works alongside the human body’s natural 28-day skin regeneration cycle, making its effects as natural as possible. This skin lightening product starts its wonders from within:

First, it reduces and prevents the body’s natural production of melanin (the hormone responsible for the darker color of the skin), letting the lighter and younger skin cells to resurface;

Second, it gently removes dead skin cells to keep your skin at its best; and

Lastly, it leaves your skin toned and with a more youthful glow.

It is also proven to erase marks caused by acne scars, freckles, sun spots, melisma (skin discoloration which occurs during pregnancy), hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions which leave unattractive dark spots on the skin.

Just apply this serum once a day and you’re good to go. With Illuminatural 6i, all that is possible in 28 days.

The Powerful Six

Side effects are the number one thing to consider when it comes to buying skincare products. With Illuminatural 6i, the only thing you need to think about is lighter skin. This product features six skin-friendly ingredients:

  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 and Nicotinic Acid)
  • Sodium Lactate
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (a derivative of vitamin C)
  • Whitonyl (an anti-pigmenting agent)
  • Alpha-Arbutin
  • Hydroxide-5 and SymGlucan

These six powerful ingredients will lighten the skin without damaging it or leaving harsh effects on the skin. Also, with these powerful six, its effectiveness is guaranteed to reach even the deepest layer of the skin for the lightest, most natural and youthful looking skin that you have always dreamed of.

Why Illuminatural 6i?

Out of all the new skincare products out of the market, Illuminatural 6i is the most promising one yet. It naturally and gently lightens your skin, and effects can be seen in as early as one month. Illuminatural 6i guarantees this result, and if you are not satisfied, there is a 90-day money back guarantee.